At Bude Primary Federation, we believe in a positive, consistent approach to behaviour, to support pupils in all aspects of school life.  We believe strongly in a model that embraces opportunities for pupils to develop a positive sense of self through their learning and fosters strong trusting relationships with staff and peers.  The school promotes a culture of praise and encouragement that rewards achievement and examples of good behaviour whilst dealing consistently and robustly with inappropriate behaviour. 

We are committed to dealing not only with the expression of inappropriate and challenging behaviour, but also seeking to shine a light on the underlying causes of these behaviours.  The school uses the Thrive model of social and emotional development in order to help pupils to develop greater ownership and understanding of their behaviours and to realise more positive outcomes both academically and socially in the longer term.  Above all, we believe that excellent behaviour is inspired by strong trusting relationships between staff, pupils and their families.  Close working relationships with a wide range of multi-professional teams and the expertise of our in-house practitioners enables us to shape our responses to individual and whole school needs maintaining a safe, stimulating and supportive learning environment.