We are currently rewriting our homework policy to allow for consistency throughout the whole federation. This is because learning at home is so important, and we want to get it right. It's scientifically proven that the more parents can help with their child's learning, the higher the chances of academic success. Plus it's a great chance for you to bond with your child on a one-to-one basis - dads, this means you as well!

We encourage all of our parents to hear their child read as regularly as possible. Our Alien Reading scheme should help with your child's motivation for reading; please aim for 5 reads per week. If you can manage to do this, the progress your child can make year on year is phenomenal.

Spelling lists also come home weekly from most of our classes. These should reflect the sound or rule your child is learning in class, often with some of the trickier 'Common Exception Words' added as well. A good way of learning these is to use the 'Look, Cover, Write, Check' method. It's also important for your child to practise using them in sentences, and don't forget that games, such as hangman, make learning spellings a lot more fun.

As your child gets older they may also have other learning to do at home, sometimes Maths and Literacy activities, at other times it may be to do with their topic. Even if your child hasn't had any work 'set' for a particular topic, feel free to research it at home - we'll always make a fuss of any child who brings home-learning into school!

We hope to run various parent sessions this year - phonics, spellings, maths - but until then, please feel free to see your class teacher or Mr Osborne, our Teaching and Learning Deputy, about anything to do with helping your child learn at home.

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