They set an example to all others in the school.

These pupils represent the best of Bude Junior School.



  •         Follow all school rules.
  •          Set a good example to younger pupils.
  •          Act as “Friends” to all year groups.
  •          Keep the school clean, by picking up any litter they see.
  •          Work hard and with self –discipline in class.
  •          Wear full school uniform.
  •          Walk and don’t run in school and on paths.
  •          Always treat Lunchtime Supervisors and other adults in school with respect.
  •          Ensure equipment and clothing is removed from playgrounds.
  •          Always have the correct PE kit in school.
  •          Co-operate with others, avoid disputes and arguments and help prevent them.
  •          Help others and their teacher by tidying up without being asked.
  •          At dinner they talk quietly and politely.
  •          They tidy theirs and others mess.
  •          Collect a lot of house points for the school.
  •          They are well organised, always having the correct equipment, i.e.: pencils and coats.
  •          Can use the photocopier with permission.
  •          Help set up the hall for assemblies and lunch.
  •          Can use the library unsupervised, with permission.
  •          Can stay in school (in public areas) during breaks and lunchtime play.
  •          Will be allowed to move around school with less supervision, but with permission.
  •          Can use the computers at lunchtime.
  •          They will help some of the younger pupils with their lessons, particularly reading and ICT.
  •          Certificates will be rewarded to Super Sixes.
  •          These pupils can enter some resource areas with permission.
  •          Will be given extra-curricular tasks i.e.: writing posters on computers.
  •          They may be chosen as leaders and captains in school activities.
  •          Escorting visitors around school.
  •          Chosen “first” when help is needed around school.
  •          Will be an ambassador for our school.



…………….. badges will only be given to pupils who show exemplary behaviour in class and school.


If ……………….. are asked to move to another place in class due to poor behaviour they will lose their badge for at least a day.


If ………………  are asked to move to a partner class due to unacceptable behaviour they will lose their badges and privileges for a week or more.


Following this, if any further inappropriate behaviour persists it will result in badges and privileges being permanently taken away from ………………..