Year 5 Topics and Curriculum

Welcome to Year 5. This term, we will be soaring into space for our new topic.  Pupils will be exploring beyond the Earth and consider where and how it fits into the solar system.  They will also consider our Moon, the Sun and will explore the phases of the Moon and seasons.

Key questions that will be explores include:

  • How does day turn into night and night into day?
  • Why does the Moon sometimes look different?
  • Why and how do shadows change?
  • What planets are in our solar system?
  • How are they different to our planet and each other?

As part of this Unit, pupils will meet aliens, go on an imaginary journey into space in English, keeping a log of their journey and using audio and video clips to support the development of ideas and imagination.

In the second part of the term we will be studying The Ancient Greeks in a History based topic. The main thread running through this Unit is to identify what we have learned from The Greeks and how their culture can influence us with ideas, even today.  In history, the children will be studying Ancient Greek civilisation and reflecting on how our civilisation is connected through sport, art, philosophy, architecture and theatre.

Library time for Widemouth is on a Tuesday and Crackington will be on a Wednesday.  Our PE days are on Mondays and Wednesdays.  We will be starting swimming lessons at Splash just before Christmas.

We are looking forward to a successful and productive year.

Year 5 Curriculum Overview